New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolution We all make them…every year. When was the last time you made a Financial New Year’s Resolution? Let this year be the year! You can challenge yourself in many different ways. Do a budget and cut your expenses, give your savings a boost by paying yourself first or upping the percentage you…

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Holiday Shopping

It’s that time of year again. It kicks off on Black Friday, next is  Cyber Monday and after that everyone is off and running, sometimes with credit cards in hand. There are some great bargains to be had no doubt. Do you factor in this time of year in your budget? Do you set aside…

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Funds and Fees

Nobody likes to be blindsided period, but certainly not when it comes to your money and finances.  If you have investments and look at your statements when you receive them, you may believe you have a pretty good handle on the fees you are paying. Now ask yourself, do you really? Can you answer that…

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From The Outside In

Other than balancing a checkbook and paying bills I have had very little experience in finance. I know I have great credit, I understand about loan rates, I know what a 401K is and why I should have one (which I do) but the rest was unfamiliar. I think I did what most people do,…

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Living In The Modern Era

Living in the modern era, we are fortunate enough to experience the rise of many advancements. New forms of technology, medicine, and science give many people hope for the future. However, the average American might not feel so hopeful when it comes to finances. When a group of American adults were recently surveyed, the Federal…

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Financial Advisor

There are certain topics that are taboo in everyday conversation. Religion, politics, and of course, money. It’s uncomfortable to discuss finances with friends and family, and it’s an even worse topic to confront when tragedy strikes, such as a family death. No one wants to think about what would happen if a parent dies or…

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Stock Market & Economy: What’s Ahead In 2019

Financial Advisor New Hope

Since 2008, stocks have rewarded investors with solid returns. Can equity investors count on a repeat of recent history? Well, precise predictions about the market are notoriously difficult to distinguish from luck, and very easy to justify in retrospect. Risk Factors This bull market started in 2009 and although it is an adage that “bull…

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2019 Catch Up Contributions Increase

Wealth Management & Retirement Planning

Arm yourself to save more for your retirement in 2019! The Treasury has announced inflation-adjusted numbers for retirement savings for 2019, as well as a lot of changes that will help investors stuff these accounts. The amount which you could contribute to an Individual Retirement is being bumped from $5,500 up to $6,000 for 2019. …

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Financial Goals For 2019

Financial Planners

2018 was an up-and-down year for many Americans. The stock market boomed, and then it busted. No one knows what is on the horizon for 2019, but it doesn’t hurt to set goals. Here are some financial goals that could help you get off to a great start in 2019. Start an Emergency FundWhether you’ve…

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